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updated: 9th Oct 2017 01:32


Email: r@pa.nz

Town: Auckland

Region: Taupo


I'm a fairly down to earth, I like to have a good time and  I enjoy charming and intelligent older men..yum!

I'd be keen on doing some of the cycle tracks we have up here and venturing south sometime  to do the Otago Rail Trail. I might create a gig and see if anyone wants to buy it. Could be fun stopping off and doing naughty things along the way... check out my 'Gigs' for more on that.


updated: 9th Oct 2017 01:30


Email: g@pa.nz

Town: Auckland

Region: Auckland

Hi.....I am a friendly and fun  and prettyish 48 year old woman who happens to look and feel younger!  Lots of vitamins and a healthy diet!



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