I’ve always known that life could be more fun for many of the Baby Boomer and GenX generations, especially if anonymity online were remotely possible.

Eight years ago, I embraced internet technology and developed an opportunity for those age groups and built this unique website called appropriately ‘Private Arrangements.’ I manage the site, and members personal details are not required for them to join. Therefore they leave no online digital footprint. That is important to everyone.

Private Arrangements offers an alternative platform for those switched-on women fed up with their work or social situation and seeking options to live a better a more exciting spontaneous life. Unmanaged online dating sites and unscrupulous adult sites are hazardous because privacy and anonymity don’t exist; neither do half of their members.
And for guys frustrated about the state of their marriage but also wanting to avoid separation and divorce. PA is an excellent resource to help overcome the most challenging aspects of a sexless relationship.
For a lucky few, this never happens.

But most men and women don’t see how to get there.
Well, you could start right here. Texting and emails still have a place, but phone calls are vital if you want to go the distance. I hope we can speak soon. Pam 0276621181

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