This website provides privacy and anonymity for members of the site, and demands that members respect our rules. In part, trust is required to help ensure that ongoing privacy - and therefore it is imperative that participants; men and women, be interviewed to affirm and confirm their qualification for participation.

We require all participants to agree to the following terms:

(a) I understand that my membership and it’s login details are for my exclusive use only. I agree that in no circumstances will I share or disclose login details with anyone else, nor allow anyone to view the website profiles on it through my membership.

(b) I understand that if in any way I violate the promise and agreement set out in (a) above, I will be removed from the website and my membership fee will be forfeited.

(c) I agree that I will not divulge to any person, in any circumstances, the identity of any person who I meet or learn of through the website. I agree to preserve the privacy of all persons connected to the website.

(d) I agree and accept that if I violate the promise and agreement set out in (c) above that I will be removed from the website and will forfeit the membership and the fee paid.

(e) I agree to not ask to borrow money, or delay payment, in connection to any services or exchange involved with persons on this website.

(f) I agree that all photos of myself on the site(s) are current (less than a year old) and meet professional standards as outlined here.

(g) I will ensure that my profile is well written, with accurate information and does not breach any laws, and is not prejudicial towards any sex, race, or creed.

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